Bring on the Christmas cheer

December is almost upon us.  More and more sparkly lights start to appear and that only means one thing… Christmas is coming!

So, unless you’re the kind of person that’s so organised that all your gifts are bought and wrapped come December, it’s time to head either to the shop (soon!) or online.  With more and more people selecting local smaller businesses, it’s time to head away from Amazon and support your friendly local businesses. 

What do you get the children who have everything?  Well, how about the gift of creativity?   Do they have wonderful minds for make-belief, immersing themselves in different and exciting worlds?  If so, our writing magazine makes the perfect gift, providing hours of entertainment to fill the months of colder weather, where all you really want to do is snuggle down by the fire.  See their eyes lit up as they pore over the engaging exercises. 

Our exercises are suitable for ages 6-15 and cover all levels, we set stimulating tasks and your child can complete it whatever writing level they are at.

Come and join us on our writing journey.  We have a rolling membership, 3 or 6-month membership or just a one-off. Check out the options here.

Merry Christmas.

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