Creative Writing: learning for fun

At Hoo’s Writing Corner, we believe in writing, any kind of writing, whether you’re writing for fun, or education, or both.  We believe that learning doesn’t have to come from a class textbook and can be taught practically from a variety of different resources – that’s why we created Hoo’s Writing Corner.

Each month our magazine is packed full of interesting and stimulating exercises.  Become a spy for the day and solve a mystery, or create a book cover and design your dream book.  The magazine has exercises to cover many different interests and each one hopes to stimulate creative minds.  The learner can read and write, so engrossed in their writing task, that they’ll actually forget that they’re learning English.

The benefits of creative writing; include engaging the creative side of the brain to come up with different scenarios, problem-solving, spelling and sentence construction, imagination as well as expressing emotions. 

What are you waiting for – start your creative journey today.

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