Top Tips for Creative Writing

Firstly, enjoy what you write, have a passion for it and the words will come to you.

Choose a subject that either you know about or one that you’re happy to research.

Plan. Make a rough outline of the story so that you know which direction the story is headed. And much like a car journey, if you get lost you can refer back to your map!

Don’t ramble. In books and stories, every word counts, every word, sentence and paragraph is in there for a reason, so make it count.

Take your time. Unless you have a deadline, writing doesn’t need to be rushed. Let the stories run through your head and allow the characters to come alive.

The most important tip is to write for yourself!

This is a top tip Rachelle Gardner, literary agent

Take your time.

There’s no rush to get published.

The more time you spend writing, reading, and learning to be a better writer, the better things will go for you.

Don’t try to hurry it along.

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