Why Write?

Why write?  There are many benefits of creative writing, here are just a few.

We exercise our bodies, therefore the mind is just as important.  We need to exercise our brains and imaginations and writing is the perfect sport for this.  As you enter the realm of writing, you can go anywhere and explore many different worlds, letting lost wherever your mind takes you.  This is particularly important at the moment, book sales went up dramatically during the three lockdowns; people need escapism, which is what stories and storytelling provides.

Children sometimes struggle to express their feelings, so writing is the perfect place to explore those feelings and thoughts.  Mastering creative writing can also boost confidence and self-esteem, particularly when winning writing competitions.

Lastly, it’s fun, enjoyable and has hidden educational benefits, such as spelling and sentence structure.  Subscribe to our magazine today and get writing and exploring.

Our jam-packed magazine this month features creative writing tips, a time-travelling worksheet where you’ll discover a time machine, judging a writing competition and finding your winning entry, designing a theme park and creating the advertising poster.  

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