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All of our resources promises to entertain and stimulate young brains. There is a mixture of worksheets to choose from. We have spelling packs, story prompts, writers toolboxes and much more.

Once you have purchased the resource, it will be sent to you via email.

Writing Menu

1. Book Design

Become a published author for a day by designing a cover for your own book and writing the blurb.


2. Character Plotting

This worksheet will guide you through the process of writing characters by looking at popular characters in films and books. You will be asked to explore your favourites and learn how to map out your own.


3. Creative Writing Pack

This creative writing pack contains three different exercises. A story prompt, creating a menu board for a new shop and writing your own school timetable.


4. Finish The Sentence

This worksheet contains the lines from eight famous books. Can you finish the sentence?


5. Let’s Get Writing

This worksheet is all about magical powers and what you'd do with them. Be as creative as you can!


6. Read All About It

Become a journalist for the day with this newsletter, where you'll write a news report for Big Big News!


7. Mini Spelling Workbook

Practice spellings with these creative and interesting tasks, from guess the letter, to using the letter bag for help.


8. Spelling Worksheet 1

Practice spellings with these creative and interesting tasks, from a sports themed guess the spellings, to anagrams.


9. Spelling Worksheet 2

Practice spellings with these creative and interesting tasks, from a guess the spellings to guessing words to popular films.


10. Spells Worksheet

Join the boy wizard as you craft spells together, then make a wanted poster for a naughty wizard!


11. Writer’s Toolkit 1

In this toolkit, you'll explore many different exercises. Mashup two films and create your own version. Use the picture prompts to write what comes next and much more!


12. Writer’s Toolkit 2

In this toolkit the creative brain will go wild figuring out new characters for films, writing adventures. Using picture prompts to write what comes next, diary writing AND a quiz!!


13. What’s Going On Here?

Use picture prompts to write exciting stories.


14. Words Make Music

Want to be in a band? Now's your chance as you and your band write your set list and advertise to Sony!


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