Competition Winners

Here is the winning story by 12 year old Nikita Ivanchenko, which describes Josh’s mysterious discovery in the attic.  

Josh had just moved into a new house with his parents. While as he was playing in the attic, he found a strange diary. Josh opened the diary and saw some old photos and diagrams showing some inventions. He was really enthusiastic about reading the diary. He spent the whole evening exploring the diary. He couldn’t stop reading. Suddenly he realised that it was about a robot and he wanted to share with someone about his finding. His mum called him to go to bed. But Josh couldn’t sleep. He was trying to understand how to make that robot. In the morning he didn’t tell anything to his parents. After school he bought some details and stayed in the attic making the robot. In the evening when parents came, they were surprised to see a new person in the hall. It was Geri, the robot. He was kind and helpful. They family and Josh were happy to have such a nice person in their house.

The competition was to describe this sunny scene. There were so many wonderful entries, that we couldn’t choose just one. So, we didn’t. Here are the winning entries by Hemlata Pant and Daniela Agafonova. 

Hemlata Pant 15 years old

Rich green and thick, the seaweed lingers onto hard, numbingly-cold rock until the roaring tide seeps in. Iridescent light reflects off the waters out ahead, while, up close, the crashes of the waves are intense. The energy of the waves terrorises my feet, making them shiver in the freezing cold, on rocks now clear of seaweed.

I pitter patter my feet back up onto the rough sand. To my mother, holding a familiar bright pink towel, ready to envelop me in its embrace. The sun has freckled her pale skin and she laughs. I am safe.

Daniela Agafonova 8 years old

One day a little girl Sofia went out to the beach. She liked to make sandcastles. After swimming in the sea she usually liked to collect seashells. But that day Sofia just swam in the sea and she brought a bucket of water. She was very surprised when she saw a beautiful starfish inside the bucket. She wanted to make a big castle so that the gorgeous starfish could live inside. Then she realized that it would be better for the starfish to live in the sea. There is no place like home.

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