Hoo’s Adventures

The Amazon Calls

Hoo has been sent a secret mission, to go to the Amazon Rainforest and find the poachers before they destroy the herd of elephants. Can Hoo and his clumpy friend Zebby save the day by exposing the baddies for what they are, before it’s too late?

The Big Surprise

A circus is coming to town, but Mr Toms, the organiser, needs help to keep the big finale secret. Can Hoo and Zebby think of a way to help, and will Axel, Hoo’s biggest rival get in his way and spoil the surprise?


An asteroid is heading for the space station, can Hoo and Zebby divert it in time?

The Cake Thief

Someone has stolen the Mayor’s cake. Can Hoo & Zebby find the thief and solve the mystery?

A Quiet Day

Hoo is enjoying a quiet day, until he realises Zebby is missing. Where could he be?

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