Top Tips for Creative Writing

Firstly, enjoy what you write, have a passion for it and the words will come to you. Choose a subject that either you know about or one that you’re happy to research. Plan. Make a rough outline of the story so that you know which direction the story is headed. And much like a carContinue reading “Top Tips for Creative Writing”

Creative Writing: learning for fun

At Hoo’s Writing Corner, we believe in writing, any kind of writing, whether you’re writing for fun, or education, or both.  We believe that learning doesn’t have to come from a class textbook and can be taught practically from a variety of different resources – that’s why we created Hoo’s Writing Corner. Each month ourContinue reading “Creative Writing: learning for fun”

Early Christmas Gift

Everyone loves books. Relaxing, immersing yourselves in stories of horror, romance or a good mystery. They can take you to far off lands that you’ve yet to venture to, or throw you into a mystery story that you have to unravel. But you like writing – so you can also conjure up tales to entertainContinue reading “Early Christmas Gift”

Ready for the Holidays??

Don’t you just love the holidays, plenty of time to spend with the family, time for eating well and getting in that quality time? But what do you do if the kids start getting bored?  Here are some fun ideas. Decorate the house with Christmas snowflakes Write a letter to Santa Get a bauble kitContinue reading “Ready for the Holidays??”