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The suggested age for the exercises is 4-8 years.


Tell a story by filling in the gaps about a excitable Dragonfly who see’s something on his flight.


Using the keywords box, fill in the story of Alice’s adventure.

The Letter

An important letter has arrived on the doorstep. Add words to complete what happens next.


Using the picture & word prompts, write the beginning of two space themed stories.


Finish the two adventure stories about a dragon and a captain.


Finish the two stories by adding the correct spellings.


Poli the pup is trying to make his favourite pasta dish. Can you help him complete the recipe using the key words to help you?

Guessing game

Can you guess the correct vegetable or fruit and the colour?

Bunny Scenes

Can you work out what is happening in each scene?


Write a story based on the pictures.
Can you finish the story?

Space stories

Can you name the planets in the solar system and then help Hoo and Zebby complete the story?

About you

Hoo and Zebby want to know about you. They’ve sent you a letter, can you answer them back?

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